A No Fresh Experience

NoFresh is a gaming community founded back in 2016. The group started as an inside joke between Koen 'Mellow' Dekker and some friends in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As time went on, more and more CS:GO players kept joining the group. Later NoFresh as a group decided to make it a real community of dedicated gamers and friends. No Fresh is always looking for new members to join.

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We have plenty of gamers that you can join at any moment, or ask to play with!


Playing solo in multiplayer games gets boring really quickly. Meet other gamers to make the best of your gaming experience!


We design our own merch and have some stuff coming up for continuous supporters of NoFresh! No Fresh!

No Fresh in short

A small taste of the fun that awaits.

  • Team up!

    There is always someone who is playing your favourite game, so team up!

  • Enhance your experience

    Learn and share new tactics and strategies for the games you play.

  • Cool Community

    Make new friends while you play! Join our Discord for a chat with the community.

  • Events

    Events are what makes our community strong. Come and check if there is a running event!

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